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Wuxi hongan security equipment testing services co., LTD
Address:Wuxi city mountain dam bridge changan chun hui road no. 568-3
Zip code: 214044
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Wuxi hongan security equipment testing services co., LTD  was established in November 2011 based on “Regulations on safety supervision of special equipment”, TSG Z7003-2004 “Quality management system requirements for special equipment inspection agency”, TSG Z7002-2004 “Appraisal rule for special equipment inspection agency”. It is an inspection agency which is appraised and authorized by JiangSu special equipment safety supervision inspection institute WuXi branch. It is mainly engaged in periodical inspection and maintenance service of carbon fiber wrapped composite cylinders, positive pressure fire-fighting air respirators, respirator masks, respirator carriers and air cylinders.

This inspection agency has international advanced, domestic leading inspection equipments, more than 500 square meters workshop, 12 employees including 2 professor level senior engineers, 3 engineers, 2 national senior inspectors and 3 senior inspectors.

Main responsibilities: According to national inspection and verification standard practice, it offers reliable inspection and components replacement service of positive pressure air respirators and aluminum wrapped composite cylinders.

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Wuxi hongan security equipment testing services co., LTDspecializes inRespirator detection,Wrapped cylinders Detection,Air bottle detection

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