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Functional Clothing main technical indicators
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A permanent fire-retardant overalls (PAKALAVE ® FCC overalls )

Produced using PAKALAVE ® FCC cloth production, with permanent flame retardant, permanent anti-static, permanent acid and alkali, high strength, wear resistance, etc. . The main technical indicators are as follows :

Flame retardant : Loi> 28, damage length <100 mm, continued burning time <2s

Strong performance: breaking strength : warp > 600N, weft > 600N

Tear strength : warp > 100N, weft > 100N

Second, anti-electromagnetic radiation clothing

Stainless steel fibers and polyester blended fabric or nylon silver / nickel / copper / tinned metalized fabric production.

The main technical indicators are as follows :

Shielding Efficiency : 30db ~ 85db

Shielding Range : 30MHz ~ 10GHz

Third, anti-static clothing

Stainless steel fibers, Asia conductive fiber , anti-static synthetic and blended or mixed fabric , can automatically discharge corona discharge or leakage , the clothes and the body can eliminate charged , while for anti-static hat , socks, shoes. Its performance indicators in line with GB12014-89 standards:

Fabrics charge density ≤ 5μC/m2

Top with charge ≤ 0.5μC/m2

Fourth, anti-acid clothes

PAKALAVE ® FB Series overalls with a permanent anti-acid functionality , but the price is high.

Silk woven fabric used in the face of an acid or a base , the silk was expanded , the gap between the closure silk , can completely block the acid or alkali , to clothing inside can achieve the purpose of anti-acid . The clothing comfortable and beautiful, breathable anti-wrinkle, washable and quick drying , cheap, etc. .

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