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Use anti-static overalls and precautions
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1, all in normal circumstances, explosive gas mixture continuously, it appears frequently short or long breaks and the presence of explosive gas mixtures are possible place, combustibles minimum ignition energy of 0.25 mJ or less, should be worn anti-static clothing.

2, wear off in explosive areas prohibit anti-static clothing.

3, anti-static clothing is prohibited to attach or wear any metal objects.

4, wear anti-static clothing, you should also supporting the use of the anti-static shoes, but should also be a conductive ground floor.

5, anti-static clothing should be kept clean and maintain anti-static properties, after use with a soft brush, a soft cloth moistened with neutral detergent wash, do not damage clothing material fibers.

6, wearing a period of time to deal with anti-static clothing can be tested, if the static performance does not meet the standard requirements, you can not use clothing to prevent static electricity.


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